Top Microwave Oven Brands

Since the product’s introduction in 1955, microwave ovens have become staple kitchen appliances in every household. A number of types, models and brands have also been developed over the decades to cater to every homemaker’s need.

mm720cuk_a.jpgThere are built-in microwave ovens that are fitted within the kitchen cabinet or wall to optimize the space. There are also over-the-range ovens that are built for the convenience of an in-demand chef. There are also the best countertop microwave ovens that are common in kitchens. Aside from the kitchen size and function, there are other factors that one has to consider when purchasing a microwave oven. These appliances, after all, will be your sidekick in the kitchen as you prepare your perfect home-cooked meals.

The Panasonic NN-SD967S is one of the top countertop ovens available in the market. Its stainless steel finishes displays elegance. A compact microwave, this model has a 2.2 cubic feet capacity. This can also be installed in the kitchen wall if your household is saving space. For the user’s convenience, this model uses a one-touch sensor with the multilingual menu screen.

Unlike the conventional microwave ovens, the NN-SD967S employs the Inverter Technology. In this process, there is a constant energy flow inside the oven instead of the repetitive on-off energy in most ovens. This produces more sumptuous and flavorful food with lesser cooking time. As a result, the fast cooking speed preserves the nutrient and texture of the food item. This model is also ideal in thawing frozen foods, especially with its Turbo Defrost technology.

Another excellent brand for the best countertop microwaves in 2016 oven is the Sharp R-410LW. It has a capacity of 1.4 cubic feet with a 14.12-inch-diameter turntable. It has 16 automatic settings including four defrosting options, six cooking settings, and six reheating choices. The defrosting options are programmed by weight of the meat or poultry. Baked potatoes, entrees, and vegetables are just some of the food items that can be cooked through its automatic settings. Pizza slices, rolls, and muffins from the previous night can be reheated in this oven. It also has a separate popcorn key, considering that most families love this easy-to-cook snack. Its timer is controlled with a touchpad and a five-digit two-color LED display.

54ffc5e042051-ghk-sharp-carousel-r-305ks-countertop-microwave-1010-s3.jpgLast but not the least, another top brand is the GE Spacemaker Microwave Grilling Oven. A new product, this model is not only for reheating but also for grilling. It has three different grilling options for preparing burgers, pork chops, and chicken. It has 14 settings that can be used for convenient cooking of food items. It can even handle softening and melting options for more delicate food such as butter, ice cream, caramel, and chocolate. The two-line scrolling display also provides programmed recipes aside from the usual control dial. It’s venting system automatically removes smoke, steam, and odors. Finally, this oven’s curved design and the brick red interior are perfect for its location above the kitchen’s cooking range.

With a lot of microwave ovens available in your local appliance store, finding the perfect match for you and your family is definitely worth the time.


Pressure Cooker – The Benefits of Using One in Your Kitchen

Cooking is an integral part of every household. In turn, a pressure cooker is a very important utensil that is used for cooking food quickly. A pressure cooker is like any other pot in the kitchen, except that it has a more elaborate lid. This lid seals the cooker completely, and when the boiling process starts in it, it traps the steam inside. Consequently, it leads to a higher cooking temperature and saves cooking time.

This trapped pressure is measured in the pound of force per square inch (PSI).

The gasket or rubber ring is a very important part of the best pressure cooker reviews, as it allows the pressure to build up inside the pot. It is fitted on the side of the lid. It is essential that you keep the gasket clean and free from any food particles to ensure a good seal.

Kuhn-Rikon-Small-Pressure-Cooker.jpgThere is a minimum of three valves in the best pressure cookers in 2016, for safety reasons. They allow the automatic release of pressure in case it builds up too high. Different valves are used for different cookers.

Reasons to Use a Pressure Cooker

There are lots of reasonable as well as beneficial reasons for using this useful kitchen tool. Some of this include:

Nutritional Boost: A pressure cooker consumes less time and water in cooking food. It is able to hold in more vitamins and minerals than with conventional cooking methods.

Timesaving: Cooking in a pressure cooker is about 70 percent faster, which enables you to cook food speedily. You can put all the ingredients together and do something else as well, in the time, you would normally take to cook your food.

Energy Efficient: Since a pressure cooker takes less time, consequently the amount of energy consumed is also reduced.

Cooler Kitchen: As all the heat and pressure is trapped inside the pot, the kitchen remains cooler compared to conventional stove top or oven methods.

Cleaner Kitchen: Since all the food is cooked in a covered pot, there is no need for cleaning all the messy splashes or spatters you would normally need to clean up after cooking.

essential-pressure-cooker-dos-and-dont-s.jpgTips for When Buying a Pressure Cooker

A good variety of pressure cookers is available in the market. Generally, they range from four to eight quarts. A six-quart model is capable of performing most of the jobs, but you should opt for a larger model if, for example, you have a big family.

Pressure cookers are made up of aluminum or stainless steel. Stainless steel is preferred over aluminum, as it is a higher quality and results in better cooking. There also is less danger of food sticking to the bottom. The heavier stainless steel models are best for their ability to brown or sauté food before cooking it under pressure. This means there is no need to shift the food into the pressure cooker from another utensil.

Pressure cookers have really made cooking more easy and convenient. Just remember it is always recommended to go through the user manual and safety precautions first before using your the best pressure cooker for the first time.